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Tour Gostenhof

Tour GostenhofGostenhof (GoHo) is known and popular beyond the city’s borders. What makes this district so attractive? Graveyard St. Roche, First German Train, Datev, Gostener Court Theater, Neighbourhood House… or is it because of the backyard flea markets, pubs, cafés, bistros, restaurants… or everything together?


Upon request


Subway station Gostenhof, Exit Plärrer or Fürther Straße/Eberhardshofstraße at the advertising pillar


1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Culinary stops:

  • Markt Biancardi
  • Palais Schaumburg
  • Laguz
  • Chili Lounge

General information: We reserve the right to change the culinary stops in case of major unforeseeable events

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