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„Wie schmeckt meine Stadt“ on the way in the Franconian metropolis

Tastes are different, so we offer an eventful variety: classic city tours, bicycle tours or informative, appetizing tours to Nuremberg's markets.

Many people from all over the world visit Nuremberg’s famous „Christkindlesmarkt“. What makes it so unique? Our tour will guide you through decorated wooden stalls from traditional sellers to newcomers. Experience their history and stories. Taste culinary classics and new creations.

Discover the history of the old city and taste its traditional food. On our city-tour you will savor 6 Nuremberg delights at different places. You will learn about the history of the city, its food and also the philosophy of its gastronomy.

Explore the district of St. Johannis next to the old city of Nuremberg. Experience its diverse history. Visit the famous St. John’s Graveyard, Baroque Garden and much more.

The Tour West is a city tour with five culinary stops. We will experience the highlights of the western old city and taste the diverse cuisine. Shared experiences are communicative and social. Additionally you won’t leave hungry.

With culinary stops this tour guides you through the northern part of the Johannis district and the gardens behind the castle. Who lived in the villa that looks like a Roccoco palace? Here you can simply enjoy an espresso on the cozy balcony.

The Eastern old city – just a reconstruction? Or is there more to? Experience the highlights of the eastern part of the old city and taste diverse cuisine. Shared experiences are communicative and social. Additionally you won’t leave hungry.

Gostenhof (GoHo) is known and popular beyond the city’s borders. What makes this district so attractive? Graveyard St. Roche, First German Train, Datev, Gostener Court Theater, Neighbourhood House…

Markets used to, and still do, play a key part in Nuremberg. Discover the historical diversity of the Fall Market. Get to know some merchants and their offered products personally. On top of that discover the culinary diversity of the Festival of the Old Town.

Are you planning a Christmas party? How about a culinary winter tour? A variety of food a long with a mix of stories and history centered around Christmas time awaits you.

Seeing, smelling, tasting – experience the culinary diversity with all your senses. Taste the finest culinary delights, for example high-quality olive oil from Italy, homemade spreads, delicious chocolate as well as carefully roasted coffee.