Zoom tours

You can’t visit Nuremberg? We’ll bring it to you!

We’ll show you the beautiful and interesting sites of Nuremberg virtually.

  • Life, history or culture of the Old Town with its churches, the old Mansion of Albrecht Durer, the Main Market Square and its lively ambience, the river Pegnitz etc.
  • Get an outside view of historical sites from the Nazi period: Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds (e.g. Zeppelinfield, Congress Hall, Big Street)
  • Food and drinks in Nuremberg

Possible ways to tour:

  • Online presentation
  • Virtual city-tour

It’s a live tour. You can ask questions during the session. Just like a “normal” tour, but virtual.

What do you need?

  • Stabile internet/Wifi
  • Zoom Account

Date, duration and price:

On request


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